National Poll: Clinton Leads Trump By 5

National poll-.Clinton leads Trump by 5Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by five points in a head-to-head matchup in the latest national poll of likely voters from Quinnipiac University out Wednesday, with the advantage narrowing to just two points in a four-way race.

National pollClinton leads Trump by 5

Matched against only Trump, 48 percent said they would vote for Clinton, with 43 percent choosing the Republican nominee, 3 percent picking someone else and 6 percent undecided. Clinton led by a larger margin in the previous Quinnipiac survey conducted in August, 51 percent to 41 percent.

National poll-Clinton leads Trump by 5

Regardless of whom they are supporting, majorities voters likely to cast their ballot for Clinton or Trump said their main reason for supporting their candidate was more in opposition of the other option than liking their choice. More than half—54 percent of Clinton supporters said opposing Trump was their main reason for backing the Democratic nominee. Approximately two-thirds of likely Trump voters—66 percent—said their main reason for supporting him is because they opposed Clinton.

The latest results come as other state and national polls show similarly tightening margins between both major candidates, who have traded words in recent days over concerns about transparency and health. The Quinnipiac poll began last Thursday, a day after the Commander in Chief Forum, and remained active in the field until Tuesday, after days of public attention on Clinton’s health following her early departure from a 9/11 memorial on Sunday and subsequent revelation that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday.