Obama Rally For Hillary In Philadelphia [VIDEO]

Obama Rally For Hillary In Philadelphia [VIDEO]After a bruising weekend for Democrats, President Barack Obama on Tuesday mounted a vigorous defense of Hillary Clinton, her campaign’s transparency and her fitness for the presidency, and blasted Republicans as fanning “anger and hate.”

Obama painted a stark picture of the stakes in the face-off between Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump, and tried to persuade Democrats that he’s all-in behind his former secretary of state’s bid for the White House.

“Hillary Clinton is steady and she is true,” Obama told a group of cheering Democrats at an outdoor rally. “I need you to work as hard for Hillary as you did for me.”

Obama aggressively stepped into a void left by Clinton, who is taking time off from campaigning after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

Obama is seeking to generate momentum for Clinton in a race that has become uncomfortably close for many Democratic supporters. The latest poll by Quinnipiac University found her with a 5 percentage-point edge over Republican Donald Trump in Pennsylvania.

Obama’s campaign appearance at an outdoor plaza in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art was his third for Clinton, including his speech at the Democratic National Convention. The president, who remains broadly popular among the Democratic base, is viewed as a key asset in pushing die-hard Democrats to the polls.