Trump Gets $18 Million In Online Donations After Debate

Trump Gets $18 Million In Online Donations After DebateDonald Trump’s campaign boasts Trump earned $18 million in online donations within 24 hours of the first presidential debate on Monday, a marked shift from his strategy in the primaries, when he emphasized his independence from donors. Still, Trump has broken Republican records for small-donor fundraising throughout the general election. Many mega-donors, though, remain hesitant to have their name associated with Trump, leading to greater appeal for nonprofit groups that allow unlimited donations and are not required to release donors’ names. One such group is 45Committee, controlled by former Never Trump founder Todd Ricketts. “There is a substantial appetite for a non-disclosing vehicle, because it’s embarrassing to support Trump. There are more donors who are willing to support Donald anonymously than with their names on it,” a fundraiser familiar with Ricketts’ efforts said.