Trump on Clinton: ‘I don’t think she has a presidential look’ – WATCH INTERVIEW

Trump on Clinton'I don't think she has a presidential look'Donald Trump doubled down Tuesday on his assertion that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a “presidential look.”

In an ABC interview aired in part on Tuesday, the Republican presidential nominee stood by comments suggesting Clinton does not have the “stamina” or the appearance to be president. Trump also asserted that the former secretary of state would not have had a successful trip to Mexico, as he insists he did last week.

“I just don’t think she has a presidential look. And you need a presidential look, you have to get the job done,” Trump said. “I think if she went to Mexico, she would’ve had a total failure. We had a great success.”

Trump also dismissed questions about whether he has the temperament to be president, saying that his temperament is his “single greatest asset.”