Ben Carson: Can you turn her mic off please? Turn her mic off so I can talk

Ben Carson Loses It While Bashing Trump AccusersBen Carson went off the rails Friday morning while defending the Republican presidential nominee to MSNBC’s Morning Joe. When panelist Katty Kay questioned him about whether he believes the various women who’ve accused Trump of sexual assault are “liars,” Carson demanded her microphone be shut off and blamed “you people in the media” for trying to make him out to be the “bad guy.” After host Joe Scarborough told Carson to answer the question at hand, the former Republican candidate said “it doesn’t matter” whether the women are “liars” or not because the conversation about sexual abuse distracts from “the real issues.” Earlier in the conversation, Carson alluded to his belief that the seats in first-class air cabins had spaces between seats—a talking point used by Trumpkins in dismissing one of the allegations that Trump sexually assaulted a woman on a plane three decades ago.