Colbert Gives Newt The Talk After Megyn Kelly Interview [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert gave Trump’s supporter Newt Gingrich the talk over Megyn Kelly comments about she been “fascinated with sex” and does “not care about public policy,” because he wanted her to talk about those leaked DNC emails instead of Trump groping past.

“Everybody is more fascinated with sex than public policy,” Colbert informed Newt in absentia on tonight’s Late Show. “If you’re not, there’s a pill for that now. But things, is Megyn Kelly’s File wasn’t talking about fun time bedroom whoopie making, she’s talking about assault.”

To be fair, Colbert said, maybe Newt does not know the difference. “Maybe no one ever gave him The Talk”:

“Newt, sweetheart, you’re growing up so fast,” Colbert began.

“You’re probably old enough now to learn about the birds and the bees and consent….”