Jill Harth: Trump Groped Me Multiple Times [VIDEO]

Jill Harth, A Former Business Associate Of Trump, Filed A 1997 Federal Lawsuit Alleging He Sexually Harassed And Assaulted Her In The 1990s. Jill Harth, a former business associate of Trump’s, took legal action against Trump in 1997, detailing allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault, including one instance her lawyers described as β€œattempted rape.” Harth later dropped the case as part of a deal to settle an unrelated contract dispute with Trump.

“He lied,” she said. “He lied and it made me angry. It made me angry that he did that.”

“He groped me,” she continued. “He absolutely groped me. He just slipped his hand there, touching my private parts.”

In December of that year, the billionaire invited Harth, then 30, to a party at New York’s Plaza Hotel. She claims that’s where the first groping incident unfolded.

“Donald sat me right next to him,” she said. “That was the time when he started to go for it and have his hand on my leg, moving forward… touching my private parts.”

She said she got up, told him she needed the bathroom and fled.

Her ex-husband, George Houraney, said Harth told him about the alleged incident. “He was not playing no games,” he told IE.

The second alleged incident came in January 1993 at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. She told Inside Edition that Trump offered her a private tour of the Palm Beach property before pulling her into a bedroom. She believes the room was his daughter Ivanka’s, who was just 11 at the time.

“He is pushing me up against the wall, forcing a kiss on me,” she said. “Again with his hands all over my body and again with his hands up my dress.”

Then in March 1993, Harth said Trump tried a third time.

“It turned into a wrestling match,” she said. “Again he had his hands up my dress.”