Rubio: This Election Is Not Being Rigged [VIDEO]

Sen. Marco Rubio dismissed Donald Trump’s claims of an unfair election, even as the Republican presidential nominee doubled down on his allegations. Speaking at the Florida Senate debate Monday night, the onetime Trump rival said “This election is not being rigged.” Facing off against Rep. Patrick Murphy at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Rubio offered his assessment of the recent rigging claims. “We have 67 counties in this state, each of which conduct their own elections. I promise you there is not a 67-county conspiracy to rig this election,” he told the audience. “There is no evidence behind any of this, so this should not continue to be said.” Rubio has repeatedly criticized Trump throughout the campaign, saying at one point that he shouldn’t be trusted with the country’s nuclear codes. Still, he has made it clear that he doesn’t trust Hillary Clinton and supports Trump in the upcoming election.