Samantha Bee, Debate 3: The Good, The Bad, The Nasty [VIDEO]

Samantha Bee from Full Frontal analized the 3rd and final debate of this election, in which political experts noted Donald Trump had a “decent 40 minutes,” and his “best 30 minutes on policy” of any debate in this race.

“Only kindergartners get points for using their inside voices,” Bee said.

…“Looking at the results of a democratic election and saying ‘Fuck that!’ has been official Republican policy for at least eight years now,” Bee noted, cutting to clips of GOP Sen. John McCain’s speeches about a rigged media, widespread election fraud, etc., during his White House run.

“Spare us the handwringing, GOP. If you leave loaded guns lying around the house, it’s only a matter of time before a 4-year-old picks one up and pulls the trigger,” Bee mocked.

“Our media are so punch drunk from the 16-month Hindenburg explosion of Trump’s candidacy they no longer notice how awful he is unless he Hulks out on stage, or grabs the foundational principles of our republic by the p*ssy.”