SNL Takes On Stalker Trump & President Clinton 2nd Debate [VIDEO]

“Saturday Night Live” mocked the second debate between presidential rivals Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the opening of its latest show.

β€œHello, and welcome to the second and worst-ever presidential debate,” moderator β€œMartha Raddatz” says before she and β€œAnderson Cooper” do shots.

The show also played up the viral meme sparked by Trump lurking behind Clinton during the town hall debate as well as internet sensation and questioner Ken Bone.
β€œGood evening, my question is for Hillary,” an audience member asks at the end of the segment. β€œTonight, Donald Trump said you should be in jail. He said you have hate in your heart and he followed you around the stage like a shark.

β€œSo my question is: What do you like about him?”

β€œWell, this one’s actually easy,” Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton says.

β€œDonald Trump and I disagree on just about everything. But I do like how generous he is. Just last Friday, he handed me this election.”