Trevor On Trump Tapes: ‘It’s Not the Locker Room, It’s You, Motherf*cker!’

Trevor Noah teared down Donald Trump over the audio of him talking about coming onto women and sexually assaulting them.

“Before we break down all of the disgusting comments Trump made on Billy Bush’s bang bus, can we just analyze ‘grab them by the p—y’?” Noah began, addressing Trump’s remarks in the unearthed Access Hollywood clip. “Because honestly, I thought about this hard and long, I’ve never heard that phrase in my life. What kind of person grabs the p—y? That doesn’t sound pleasurable for either involved. I don’t get it. Do you not know ladies? Maybe it’s a tiny hands thing. Maybe he can’t hold it or caress it, he needs to grab it. Because for Trump it’s like a baby holding a grapefruit.”

“People, we have to admit this, Trump has officially broken almost every record of scumbaggery in politics,” Noah added. “The rules don’t even apply anymore. Let’s be honest, we couldn’t have even imagined these feats would be taking place. Trump’s scandals right now are like when the first black guy joined white sports.”

He ripped “sleazebag” Billy Bush for going along with it and mocked all the Republicans invoking their wives and daughters in denouncing Trump because “the Trump tape shouldn’t offend you on behalf of females, it should offend you as a human being.”

“Two things about that locker room excuse. First, they’re conflating sex talk and sexual assault talk,” Noah said. “Trying to make Trump’s comments sound normal is not something they’re achieving. Because, I’m sorry, that is not normal. There is a big difference between saying dirty words and glorifying non-consensual sexual contact. Not every guy has these conversations. No, that’s a crime. There is a big difference. … Guys talk dirty, but guys are not all having conversations about sexual assault. It feels like more people are focused on, ‘He said p—y! It’s not about that. It’s about him saying he forces himself on women.”

And as far as Noah’s concerned, “locker room talk” doesn’t generally include non-consensual sexual contact. He cries, “It’s not the locker room, it’s you, motherfucker!”


In the 2nd clip Trevor discussed the second presidential debate of 2016 and how Donald Trump exhibits classic African dictator behavior when proclaiming that Hillary Clinton should be in jail.