2 Iowa Police Officers Killed in ‘Ambush’ Attacks [VIDEO]

Two Iowa police officers were shot and killed in their patrol cars in an “ambush attack” early Wednesday morning, according to local reports. Officers responding to gunfire at about 1 a.m. found an Urbandale officer dead. His name has not been released. About 30 minutes later, two miles away, a Des Moines police officer was shot and killed at another intersection, Des Moines Sgt. Paul Parizek said. This was the first Des Moines police officer fatally shot in the line of duty since 1977. Officials across the state have launched a manhunt for the suspect, but say they have limited information with which to work. Parizek said officials are using a vehicle description but little else. “There’s somebody out there shooting police officers,” Parizek said. “We hope to find him before somebody else gets hurt.” Officers in the area are now working in pairs to better protect themselves.