Bernie Sanders To Colbert: Now More Than Ever, It’s Our Revolution

On last night Colbert’s show Bernie Sanders chat about of how optimistic he is of the country’s future, “Above and beyond incredible bigotry of the Trump campaign, what he did is he tapped into a lot of pain and anxiety and angst the American people are feeling, which is rarely reported in the media, or understood by the punditry,” Sanders said.

“The fact is there are millions of people in this country whose life expectancy is lower than their parents, they are living in despair. They are turning to alcohol, drugs and suicide because they see no future for themselves. You’ve got 60 year-old workers today who are facing retirement.”

“The vast majority of the American people are on our side,” he added, insisting Trump’s views “are a minority. People do not think we should give tax breaks to billionaires.”

“They do believe we should raise the minimum wage and have pay equity for women. They do believe we should make public colleges and universities tuition free. So our job, right now, and this is terribly important at this moment….What you do now is get heavily involved in the political process. When millions of people stand up and fight back we will not be denied.”