Colbert Addresses The Final Graduating Class At Trump U [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert reminded us that the president-elect Trump settled a $25 million fraud lawsuit over the weekend. Colbert spoke directly to the graduates of Trump University.

β€œAs you leave these hallowed hotel ballrooms to start your lives, and then restart your educations at an actual school,” he said, β€œyou will be entering a troubled world. For example, Donald Trump is going to be president.”

β€œBut you are uniquely poised to take on that challenge, because real world experience is the best teacher,” he continued. β€œAnd you’ve been conned by a master.” He want to say, β€œI hope and pray that you will take the lessons of Trump University with you: The future is what you make of it! And also, never take business advice from a man who can’t sell vodka and steaks.”
β€œSo go out there and be a shining example of Trump University’s timeless motto,” the host concluded. β€œβ€˜Carpe Crotch-em.’”