Flynn Regularly Broke Rules in Military Career

Flynn Regularly Broke Rules in Military CareerRetired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s newly named national security adviser, was cited bragging about breaking the rules during his Army career in a new report from The New Yorker. Flynn told The New Yorker’s Dana Priest that when he was stationed at a CIA post in Iraq he would sneak out without the “insane” required approval from his superiors. He also reportedly had an Internet connection set up in his Pentagon office, despite it being forbidden. He also once gave classified information to NATO alllies without getting prior permission to do so, an incident that triggered an investigation and a reprimand, according to the report. Flynn’s former colleagues at the Defense Intelligence Agency were also quoted in the profile, with most of them saying they liked him as a person but didn’t see him as a good leader. One former subordinate said Flynn was known for his temper, and that he used to say things that were blatantly untrue and publicly berate people. While Trump has praised Flynn as a “foremost expert on military and intelligence matters,” many have expressed concerns over his questionable ties to Russia and promotion of an anti-Semitic comment on Twitter.