Hulk Hogan Settles With Gawker, Will Remove Several Articles

Hulk Hogan Settles With Gawker, Will Remove Several ArticlesNick Denton, former head of Gawker Media, announced Wednesday that a settlement has been reached in the Hulk Hogan lawsuit, with the website agreeing to take down several posts, including the one regarding Hogan’s leaked sex tape. β€œAfter four years of litigation funded by a billionaire with a grudge going back even further, a settlement has been reached,” Denton wrote in a Medium post. β€œThe saga is over. As the most unpalatable part of the deal, three true storiesβ€”about Hulk Hogan, the claim by Shiva Ayyadurai that he invented email and the feud between the founders of Tinderβ€”are being removed from the web.” Such a deal effectively means Gawker has dropped its appeal of a Florida judgment against the media company. β€œAll-out legal war with [billionaire lawsuit financier Peter] Thiel would have cost too much, and hurt too many people, and there was no end in sight,” Denton further lamented. β€œThe Valley billionaire, famously relentless, had committed publicly to support Hulk Hogan beyond the appeal and β€˜until his final victory.’ Gawker’s nemesis was not going away.”