Security Rushes Donald Trump Off Stage [VIDEO]

Saturday night in Nevada Donald Trump was rushed off stage by Secret Service after a scuffle broke out in front of him. According to reports by ABC News and USA Today, when the disturbance started, somebody in the audience yelled “Gun!” but no gun was found. A few minutes later, Trump returned to the stage to continue his speech, after thanking the Secret Service.
Upon returning to the stage, Trump seemed to brush off the incident saying, โ€œNobody said it was going to be easy but we will never be stopped. We will never be stopped.โ€ Armed officers jumped in to address the situation and there’s an unconfirmed report from the scene that authorities believe the threatening individual may have had a gun. It should be noted that attendees typically have to go through metal detectors at campaign events. There are no other details about the suspect at this point.