Trump Ditches Press, Breaks Protocol For Steak Dinner in NYC [VIDEO]

On Tuesday evening, Donald Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told the reporters and photographers covering Trump at his Manhattan residence that the president-elect was staying in his apartment for the rest of the night โ€” calling a “lid.” Less than two hours later, an unscheduled motorcade left Trump Tower, and the press pool did not know where Trump was until someone tweeted out a photo of him entering the upscale 21 Club restaurant for a steak dinner. Hicks later said she had not meant to lie to the press and had not known Trump was slipping out to dine with his family, then asked the press pool to respect the president-elect’s privacy. Traditionally, at least one member of the protective press pool always follows the president around to inform the public where he is and document if anything happens to or near the U.S. commander in chief. Ditching the press is a big violation of protocol, though not illegal. Trump, who declined to travel with the press while he was campaigning, hasn’t held a press conference since the summer.