Trump Files Suit Over Nevada Poll Closing Time

Trump Files Suit Over Nevada Poll Closing TimeRepublican presidential nominee Donald Trump filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Clark County, Nevada over an early-polling place that allegedly remained open two hours past its stated closing time on Friday. The campaign claims that people should not have been allowed to vote after the location closed on the final night of early voting, but, as in many states, people who were already in line after the polls closed were allowed in to fill out their ballots. His campaign takes reported issue with others who were allowed to vote despite the fact that they were not in line when the location closed. Trump and Nevada GOP chairman Michael McDonald called the location, which was in a majority Hispanic neighborhood in Las Vegas, was kept open improperly. Trump said it was evidence of a “rigged system.” A spokesman for the county, Dan Kulin, told NBC News that the location acted properly and that under Nevada law, everyone who was in line at the time the poll was scheduled to closeβ€”7 p.m. local timeβ€”was entitled to cast their ballot. The last vote was cast just before 10 p.m. local time. “Nothing happened that wasn’t supposed to happen,” Kulin said. “Voters who were in line by the scheduled closing time were allowed to vote.”