Phone Appears to Explode Against Cee Lo Green’s Head [VIDEO]

A Samsung phone exploded against Cee Lo Greens headThis video is making the rounds heavily on social media.

The video appears to show Cee-Lo Green knocked to the floor after a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in hand.

Surveillance footage captured the harrowing incident. Ceelo Green collapses in the studio as his Samsung Phone explodes in his face.

Singer CeeLo Green says he’s OK after appearing to fall victim to an exploding phone.

The R&B artist calmed fears he was seriously injured in a recording studio after video footage circulated showing the former “Voice” coach collapsing while talking on the phone.

“I just want to let everyone know that I am alive and well, and I’m okay,” Green said in a Facebook video shared Saturday night. “I’m really upset that anybody had to be emotionally disturbed by what they saw today.”