At Least 1/4 Electoral College Democrats Want Intel Briefing

At Least 14 Electoral College Democrats Want Intel BriefingAlmost 25 percent of the Democrats that make up the Electoral College have requested an intelligence-community briefing on the purported foreign intervention in the presidential election. Fifty-four of the 232 Democrats in the group have called on Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to authorize such a briefing becore the official vote on Dec. 19. Accross the U.S., only one Republican has joined that demand: Chris Suprun, of Texas. A letter signed by 10 electors was issued Monday, but the demand gained steam over the past few days, with an additional 45 electors’ names added Tuesday. Electors from Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, California, New Hampshire, and elsewhere have signed on to the petition. Still—despite support from Hillary Clinton’s former campaign leaders—the request lacks endorsement from prominent electors, including former President Bill Clinton, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.