Bill Maher On Trump: He’s ‘F—ing With People’ [VIDEO]

Bill Maher ripped Donald Trumpโ€™s Cabinet picks in an interview with Attn:, โ€œThe appointments are from opposite land,โ€ said Maher. โ€œFor education, somebody who doesnโ€™t believe in public education. Ben Carson, for example, surgeon general, maybe because he was a surgeon. No, housing. Because what? He lives in a house? Heโ€™s just fโ€”ing with people. Same thing with [Mitt] Romney. Just wanted to fโ€” with him, just wants to fโ€” with us.โ€

….โ€œIt was funny before and now heโ€™s a man with power, so all I could think is if he did that when he didnโ€™t have power, whatโ€™s he going to do now that he has the FBI?โ€ he shared. โ€œOther presidents are not like this cat. I mean, George Bush hated me and I didnโ€™t like him, but no matter how bad they were โ€” all the Republicans โ€” it was like a glass bottom boat. Iโ€™m looking at those sharks, but they canโ€™t really get me. And now, I feel like the shark can get me or anybody. Weโ€™re just in unchartered waters.โ€

And talking about his twitter rants Maher said โ€œListen, how we are talking about the man who is going to be the leader of the free world, like a toddler?โ€, laughing. โ€œThe Twitter itself doesnโ€™t matter. What matters is the instinct to always have to retaliate to anybody who opposes you, criticizes you, challenges you. His mentality is just always to go right at them. Itโ€™s just insane that he canโ€™t let anything go.โ€