Colbert: Trump Will Soon Acquire Mass Text Capability [VIDEO]

Colbert confessed that he’s afraid by the possibility President-elect Donald Trump could send the entire nation “unblockable mass text messages.”

“Here’s the deal — you legally don’t have to have to follow his tweets,” Colbert said on CBS’s “The Late Show” Thursday. “You can un-follow Trump, delete Twitter, go into the world, live your life.

“But the bad news is, starting January 20th, Donald Trump can send unblockable mass text messages to the entire nation,” he added as audience members gasped in shock.

“The only person I would trust less with that technology is [former Rep.] Anthony Weiner [D-N.Y.]. Yes, feel free to block alerts about floods and missing persons, but if Trump wants you to know how he feels about the cast of ‘Hamilton,’ you will listen.”