Keith Olbermann: Trump & The GOP Plan To Destroy SS [VIDEO]

Keith Olbermann tell us all about how the Banana Republicans will use Trump as chaff to deflect the dismantling of Social Security in his latest clip for The Resistance.

โ€œItโ€™s Mr Johnsonโ€™s bill that matters here,โ€ Olbermann said. โ€œIt explains why the Republicans are abetting the idiot-elect.โ€ Olbermann claimed the letter โ€œexplains how deeply Johnson and Paul Ryan and all the other corporate whores intend to plunge the knife into the back of social security.โ€


โ€œThey will destroy social security so the rich can get even richer by stealing a billion dollars one dollar at a time,โ€ Olbermann said. โ€œAnd our part-time president will take a quick look away from his Twitter feed to sign exactly where they tell him to sign.โ€