KO: Trump May Have Just Flushed the Economy Down the Toilet [VIDEO]

In Keith Olbermann last video he breaks down the Carrier deal, and he can only come to one conclusion: “We’ve elected a sh*tty businessman.”

First, Olbermann mocks Trump’s insistence that he will slap a 35% tariff on any companies who move their manufacturing businesses overseas, as that is actually the opposite of what he did with Carrier.

“Carrier got $7 million in taxpayer money from the state of Indiana to not move 800 jobs to Mexico, and it is still moving 600 jobs to Mexico — and it’s not facing a 35% tax for selling its Mexican-made products in the United States” Olbermann explains. “Donald Trump: Sh*tty businessman.”

“What kind of business wants to invest in a country where the economy is based not on regulations or even just patterns, but on the whim of one sh*tty businessman?” he asks.