Michael Moore 5 Point Plan For 2017 To Resist Trump [VIDEO]

Michael Moore appeared on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, this week to explain his five-point plan to resist Donald Trump in 2017.

Moore has already made waves several times since the election, most notably with his plan to immediately have Donald Trump impeached, but he has come back to the the public with a level-headed and practical way everyone can move into the new year with a plan – and hope.

1.Visit your Congressional representative, whether in the House or in the Senate. (Moore reminds those watching that Congress is in recess, and all representatives will be home.)
2.Insist that the Democratic National Committee appoint leaders who fall within the progressive spectrum.
3.Form your very own rapid-response team. (This is explained as a team made up of neighbors, friends, or family who will be part of a text, call, or Facebook tree designed to prompt immediate response to Trump by contacting representatives, applying social media pressure, etc. The goal? To make sure your voices are heard.)
4.Plan to be a part of a protest taking place during Trump’s inauguration weekend.
5.Have a Plan B – as bad as you think it’s going to be, it’s actually going to be worse. (His behavior since the election, coupled with his cabinet picks have given us a “coming attraction.” Be prepared).