NC GOP Moves to Strip Power From Incoming Democratic Governor

NC GOP Moves to Strip Power From Incoming Democratic GovernorNorth Carolina Republican lawmakers moved Wednesday to strip power from the state’s governor’s office before an incoming Democrat assumes the post in January. Legislators in control of the general assembly introduced a number of measures, including ones that would require state senate approval of new Cabinet members, terminate a governor’s control over state election boards, eliminate power to appoint trustees to the University of North Carolina, and other unusual moves. A contentious election between Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and incoming governor and current Attorney General Roy Cooper dragged on for nearly a month while McCrory refused to concede his defeat. “This is an unprecedented, shameful and cowardly power grab from the Republicans,’’ said Jamal Little, spokesman for the North Carolina Democratic Party. “After losing the governor’s office, the GOP-controlled general assembly is attempting to hold on to power that voters took away from them.”