Report: Russia Tested Anti-Satellite Weapon

ReportRussia Tested Anti Satellite WeaponRussia is believed to have tested an anti-satellite weapon, sources told CNN early Wednesday. U.S. officials, who tracked it, said they believe it did not destroy anything because it did not create debris. They also believe Russia sent kamikaze satellites, known in Russia as “Kosmos 2499,” which have the power to cripple or destroy U.S. satellites. “We have very good surveillance and intelligence capabilities, so we can see the threats that are being built. So we’re developing capabilities to defend ourselves,” Gen. John Hyten of U.S. Strategic Command told CNN last month. The news comes as Russia stands accused of meddling in the U.S. election to help elect Donald Trump, and just two days after its ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, was assassinated.