Samantha Bee: GOP Won By ‘Appealing Exclusively To Whites [VIDEO]

Samantha Bee mocked members of the democratic party who focus election loss on identity politics, calling it “the dismissive term for what we used to call civil rights and equality.”

Bee sarcastically said, “When is the left going to fuck off with that greenhouse gas shit and talk about something that effects all of us?”

She continued, “The party that won by appealing exclusively to whites has been super generous with their advice for Democrats.”

She added,”Democrats, I know you’re having a rough time. You hate being lost in the wilderness. You have allergies and you were reading a book in the corner when your scout leader taught everyone which leafs to a void. But if you’re panicked over a loss and it makes you abandon both your principles and the people who actually vote for you then you’ll be in the wilderness for a decade, or until Trump’s candidate sells the wilderness to oil companies. So, really, by all means, invite working class white people to the party just don’t let them take over the DJ table.”