Trump To Preside Over The Richest Cabinet In U.S. History

Trump To Preside Over The Richest Cabinet In U.S. HistoryDwight Eisenhower surrounded himself in the White House with such wealthy individuals that his Cabinet was mockingly referred to as “nine millionaires and a plumber.”

President-elect Donald Trump is about to do him one better.

Trump won the election by appealing to America’s disaffected working class, promising to drain the Washington swamp of insiders, and railing against segments of the financial elite. But the New York businessman has tapped a slate of people very much in his own vein to serve alongside him โ€” billionaires and multimillionaires, including Wall Street financiers, industrialists and scions of the super-rich.

“Trump’s appointees will probably wind up being the most wealthy group of people who have served in a presidential Cabinet in history,” said Robert Spitzer, author of five books on American presidents and chairman of the political science department at SUNY in Cortland, N.Y.