Michael Moore: Trump Is The Founder Of ‘Fake News’ [VIDEO]

ON Wednesday night Michael Moore and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes discusses the Golden Showers story regarding Russia and President-elect Donald Trump, Moore said that Trump’s complaints abut the story being “fake news” were funny considering Trump “is the godfather of this decade’s fake news.”

MOORE: Fake news, he’s one of the founders of in the the Obama era. He created the fake news of the—”

HAYES: Barack Obama is not a citizen.

MOORE: And he said that there was intelligence.

HAYES: That’s right.

MOORE: He was called by a reputable source saying that there was intelligence. He himself, he was hiring investigators to support his fake news. He is the godfather of this decade’s fake news. For him to now say fake news –

HAYES: Well, this is a great point. As a person who launched his political career off of unverifiable and ultimately incorrect conspiratorial and frankly racist theories about the president’s crypto Kenyan birth and forged documents and all this stuff —