NAACP President Arrested After Sit-In To Protest Trump

NAACP President Arrested After Sit In To Protest TrumpSeveral protesters, including NAACP President Cornell William Brooks, were arrested Tuesday after an hours-long sit-in by about two dozen civil rights activists at the Mobile, Alabama, office of Sen. Jeff Sessions, President-elect Donald J. Trump’s nominee for attorney general. The protesters criticized Sessions’ record on voting rights and race relations, and Brooks said he was “the worst possible nominee for attorney general at the worst possible moment,” given ongoing controversies over voter suppression and police use of force against African-Americans. A Sessions spokeswoman called the NAACP’s criticisms “false portrayals” that have been “rebuked and discredited.” The sit-in came as 1,100 law school professors sent a letter urging the Senate not to confirm Sessions.