Omarosa gets job in Trump White House as ‘Public Liaison’ leader

Omarosa Manigault, the famously combative Apprentice contestant fired three times by Donald Trump, has been hired, as she hint-predicted earlier, for a job in the Trump White House.

No one should be surprised, even though she’s a former Democrat and the epithet most often associated with her is “the arch-villain of Season 1.”

Smart, sharp and loyal to President-elect Trump, Omarosa, 42, made it clear starting on Nov. 8 that she expected to get a White House position. She was spotted at Trump Tower on Monday.

On election night, she told The Hollywood Reporter that Trump asked her if she was “ready to come with me to Washington.” A few days later, she tweeted a picture of herself with a poster of Trump. “My last briefing as senior adviser to #realDonaldTrump for campaign,” the caption read. – USA TODAY