Putin: Those Who Leaked Trump Dossier ‘Worse Than Prostitutes’

Putin Those Who Leaked Trump Dossier Worse Than ProstitutesAt a news conference Tuesday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused President Obama’s administration of attempting to “undermine the legitimacy” of President-elect Donald Trump. Addressing the unconfirmed dossier that surfaced last week alleging Russia has compromising information on Trump, Putin reportedly said anyone circulating the “fake” claims about the president-elect is “worse than prostitutes.” Putin insisted the dossier is a “hoax,” Reuters reported, and also said he has never met with Trump. He particularly cast doubt on the dossier’s unverified claims about Trump’s conduct with prostitutes, saying Trump would have no need for such behavior because he “has been with the most beautiful women in the world.” Trump has strongly denied the allegations, calling the reports “phony stuff.”