Trump Heads To Inauguration With Historical Low Poll Numbers

Three new polls show President-elect Donald Trump being viewed favorably by about 40 percent of Americans, a huge shortfall from the approval numbers for Trump’s four predecessors. In Gallup and Washington Post/ABC News polls, Trump is viewed favorably by 40 percent and unfavorably by 55 percent (Gallup) and 54 percent (WaPo), while a CNN/ORC poll pegs Trump’s transition approval rating at 40 percent but his favorable numbers slightly better, at 44 percent. President Obama’s favorability numbers before his inauguration were about 80 percent in all three polls. The polls were split over expectations for Trump’s presidency, but majorities expected him to do well with the economy and jobs. Trump is viewed favorably by a sizable majority of Republicans but has high disapproval numbers from independents as well as Democrats.