Trump Promises A Revelation On Russian Hacking [VIDEO]

President-elect Donald Trump says he knows โ€œthings that other people donโ€™t knowโ€ about Russiaโ€™s alleged hacking during the presidential election. Speaking to reporters outside his Mar-A-Lago estate while on his way to a New Yearโ€™s Eve party on Saturday night, Trump promised to disclose the information in a few days, saying โ€œyou will find out on Tuesday or Wednesday.โ€ He noted that he still believes the hacking was carried out by โ€œsomebody else,โ€ and not Russia. While the CIA concluded that a Russian hacking group was to blame for the election breaches, Trump once against cast doubt on that conclusion, saying computer hacking โ€œis a very hard thing to prove.โ€ โ€œI just want them to be sure because itโ€™s a pretty serious charge,โ€ he said. Trump has gone against the tide on the issue of Russiaโ€™s alleged hacking, repeatedly dismissing the accusations against Russia and saying itโ€™s time to simply move on from the scandal. The Obama administration hit top Russian intelligence officials with sanctions over the hacking last week and expelled 35 diplomats, a move which some believe will serve as a test to determine where Trumpโ€™s loyalties lie.