Across the U.S., Citizens Demand Their Representatives Hold Town Halls

Across the U.SCitizens Demand Their Representatives Hold Town HallsUnable to reach their congressional representatives the old-fashioned way โ€” by phone, email, and in person โ€” Americans across the country are getting creative. While Republican lawmakers like Sen. Joni Ernst (Iowa) and Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark.) have faced down angry constituents who peppered them with questions about everything from repealing the Affordable Care Act to President Trump’s ties to Russia, others, like Rep. Paul Cook (Calif.), Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (Calif.), and House Speaker Paul Ryan, are being accused by constituents of purposely avoiding their districts. Wisconsinites posted an ad about Ryan being missing in the Madison Craigslist’s Lost and Found section, and a billboard was put up telling Ryan to “stop running from us.” In California, Rohrabacher’s constituents used their bodies to spell out “Where’s Dana?” on a beach, while Cook’s photo appeared on milk jugs across his district, along with the word “Missing.”