Kellyanne Conway Kneels On Oval Office Couch, Twitter Freaks

Kellyanne Conway Kneels On Oval Office Couch Twitter Freaks

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has drawn ire and ridicule for making herself at home in the Oval Office, where she was photographed kneeling on a sofa with her shoes on.

A photo shows the Oval Office packed with representatives from Historically Black Colleges and Universities — with Conway appearing oblivious to her surroundings, feet neatly tucked under her tiny frame, as she looks intently at her phone.

“@AFP such a classy way to sit in the Oval Office.. KellyAnne clearly was not taught how to sit properly in a dress…” said Twitter user @MissMaggie1971.

“Kellyanne Conway. Always a lady and showing respect for the Oval Office,” Jeremy Pond added.

The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens added, “If Rice or Jarrett had sat like this in Oval Office conservatives would have screamed themselves hoarse for weeks. Now we own trashy.”