Senate Expected To Confirm Steven Mnuchin As Treasury Secretary

Senate Expected To Confirm Steven Mnuchin As Treasury SecretaryOn Monday, the Senate is expected to confirm two of President Trump’s Cabinet nominees, Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary and David Shulkin to head the Department of Veteran Affairs. The vote on Mnuchin, a former top Goldman Sachs executive and Hollywood financier, will be much closer than Shulkin’s confirmation. Republicans argue that Mnuchin is well-qualified to be treasury secretary because of his long experience on Wall Street, while Democrats say that same experience โ€” including the 36,000 homeowners his bank OneWest foreclosed on after the 2008 financial collapse โ€” is a disqualifying stain. They also point to $100 million in assets and a Cayman Islands directorship that Mnuchin said he forgot to include on his financial disclosure forms. The voting will start at about 7 p.m., and if confirmed, Mnuchin will be the first banker to head the Treasury Department in eight years; former President Barack Obama chose financial regulators to head the agency.