Trump Accuses Obama: He’s โ€˜Behindโ€™ Leaks, Protests [VIDEO]

President Trump on Tuesday morning blamed former President Obama for leaks of classified information from the White House and for protests in the wake of a controversial executive order halting immigration from seven predominantly-Muslim countries to the U.S. Trump made the comments in an interview with Fox and Friends, during which he gave no evidence for his claims. โ€œI think he is behind it,โ€ Trump said. โ€œI also think itโ€™s just politics. Thatโ€™s just the way it is.โ€ He continued, โ€œYou never know whatโ€™s exactly happening behind the scenes โ€ฆ I think that President Obamaโ€™s behind it because his people are certainly behind it.โ€ He added, โ€œSome of the leaks possibly come from that group. You know, some of the leaksโ€”which are really very serious leaks because theyโ€™re very bad in terms of national securityโ€”but I also understand thatโ€™s politics and it will probably continue.โ€