GOP Struggles To Secure Votes On Health Bill

GOP Struggles To Secure Votes On Health BillRepublicans say they still plan to put the American Health Care Act up for a vote on Thursday, even as the White House and House Republican leaders continue to work to whip up enough votes to ensure passage. Late Wednesday, the White House and the conservative House Freedom Caucus reportedly reached a deal to strike ObamaCare’s requirement that insurance plans cover 10 “essential health benefits,” and the Freedom Caucus will press their other demands โ€” notably killing a prohibition against denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions and annual or lifetime coverage limits โ€” in a meeting with President Trump on Thursday morning. House moderates later met with House Speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team and balked at the changes. “Everybody’s frustrated,” one lawmaker in the meeting told Politico. “Some moved; some stayed the same. … Nobody goes closer to the bill on that one.”