Intel Committee’s Devin Nunes Tries to Rescue Trump & Blows Himself Up

Intel Committee Devin Nunes Tries to Rescue Trump and Blows Himself UpIntel Committee’s partisan hack Devin Nunes tries to rescue Trump, and may have made the deepening scandal worse
House Intelligence chair rushes to White House with supposed bombshell that definitely doesn’t help Team Trump.

Here is his press conference he held after he inappropriately ran to Trump to tell him of what he learnt and possibly breaking the law.

Nunes claimed that this unnamed source showed him some intelligence intercept from the transition period that indicated members of the Trump team were under surveillance. Inexplicably, the congressman thought it was appropriate to immediately inform the the subject of the investigation and tell the world he did it. Under questioning in the two press conferences Nunes held on the matter, it became clear that he was talking about routine legal surveillance of foreign actors that caught up some conversations with Trump transition officials. His only complaint was that reports of these intercepts were disseminated inside the government without properly masking the Trump officials’ identities, a process known as “minimization.” (The inadequacy of this protection has been a gripe of civil libertarians for years — something the GOP dismissed as overwrought until it happened to Republicans.)

Since even Nunes admits that this surveillance was routine, why this revelation would “vindicate” Trump’s accusation that Obama wiretapped him remains a mystery.

Nunes may have broken the law with his actions, certainly the FBI can not be happy with his conduct and has worsened the situation for teams Trump’s troubles with their connections to Russia and the election meddling.