Protect Your Privacy Now With Our Recommended VPN – GOP Passed Bill to Allow ISPs to Sell Your History

WARNING: Your ISP can and will be retrieve and sell your browser history to anyone. They can use it for marketing, or for any reason someone would want to hack you or look at ALL your stuff including where you go with your phone and what websites and apps you use. Everything you do is logged by your phone and computer to a server, now your ISP can use this data at will when Trump signs this into law.


The GOP bill is unacceptable, but there is a simple solution, it’s called a VPN, and the time to get signed up is now before this takes effect.

Through a VPN or ‘Virtual Private Network’ the data that passes through your ISP is encrypted, and your ISP can not see what you are doing, at all. It’s an encrypted ‘pipe’ sorta speak and your ISP can’t see your data or un-encrypt it.

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Live News Cloud ā›…ļø has used and tested this VPN over many years and we can say it’s fast, easy to use and will many options it’s called StrongVPN.

A VPN works like this. That hacker in the infographic is now your ISP too, who can look at what your doing and use it for whatever it feel like it, usually direct marketing, but could be more. What’s to stop someone from databasing what you are doing and allowing others to query that database. We don’t know what’s coming with Trump in the white house. Protect your own privacy now.