‘TrumpCare’ Pulled by Trump After Ryan Says he ‘Doesn’t have the votes’

Paul Ryan Done Defending Trump VIDEOGOP source: Ryan tells Trump they “don’t have votes” on health care.


House Speaker Paul Ryan met Friday with President Donald Trump to tell him Republicans don’t have the votes to pass the GOP health care bill.

A key portion of the Trump-Ryan conversation was over the ownership of the health care bill and whether the President will take either full or partial responsibility over a decision to pull the bill, two people familiar with health care talks say.

Ryan showed Trump the numbers, and asked what the President wants the speaker to do.
The decision is largely in the hands of the White House, the sources say, and the speaker wants to make it “the President’s call.”

Efforts on Capitol Hill to sway members are ongoing, but things aren’t heading in the right direction.

“Not good. Not good at all,” the source said.

A risk to Republicans: if members are fully aware that the bill is going down, there’s a real risk that that undecideds, undeclared and even some yes votes would flee.
“The risk is it wouldn’t just be a loss, but a big loss,” a source said.