Chris Hayes On Trump: Lacks ‘Principles,’ ‘Not Particularly Well-Informed’

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night to talk Trump and plug his new book, A Colony in a Nation.

During his interview with the late night host, Hayes unloaded on Donald Trump saying that the president was “not particularly well-informed and doesn’t have any principles.”

Hayes said that lacking firm beliefs allowed Trump some level of desirable flexibility, but at the end of the day gave the White House “a mad king air to it.”

It’s like “Shakespeare’s depiction of courtly life,” said Hayes. “Who has his ear can get the guy to agree to anything.”

Hayes also told the late night host he was totally unruffled by Trump’s largely ignoring MSNBC in his frequent media broadsides.

“It’s the classic neg,” said Hayes. “He’s negging us.”