Colbert Rips Trump For Defending Bill O’Reilly Sexual Assault Lawsuit

On Wednesday Stephen Colbert started his Late Show with Bill O’Reilly’s $13 million sexual harassment “pickle.” Advertisers are bailing, but “today Donald Trump got his back,” saying in an interview, “I don’t think Bill did anything wrong,'” Colbert noted. “Mr. President, I want to remind you, you just declared April sexual assault awareness month. And there’s two accusations of sexual assault I’m aware of: Bill O’Reilly’s, and yours.”

“Maybe you’re not the prefect person to weigh in on this one,” Colbert said, but Ivanka Trump, with her “enlightened approach to these issues,” might do. Or not. He played the clip of Ivanka defining-down “complicit” on CBS This Morning. “Nope, that’s not what complicit means,” he said, breaking out a dictionary. “You can’t just reverse the definition to make yourself sound better. That’s like saying, ‘If being a Nazi means fighting for civil rights, then yeah, I’m a huge Nazi.'”