Colbert Talks Tax Day, North Korea, Russia & The Obamas [VIDEO]

Colbert started Tuesday monologue talking about Tax Day, or “the day we all release our tax returns to the man who won’t release his,” On April 15, Tax Day, thousands of Americans took to the streets to demand that President Trump cough up his returns. “Lovely idea,” Colbert said, “but the tax march did not get Trump to release his taxes, much like the women’s march did not get Trump to release his women.” But Trump did release plenty of tweets, including one demanding to know “who paid for the small organized rallies.” Colbert bit: “Yes, who paid for the rallies? I mean, they were authentic and drew people of all ages, so we know it wasn’t Pepsi.”

And referring to the North Korean leader he said that “it’s not clear that Trump even knows who Kim is, playing a clip from Tuesday’s Fox & Friends in which Trump repeatedly referred to North Korea’s leader as “this gentleman.” So either Trump doesn’t know his name, he said, “or the best nickname he can come up with is ‘this gentleman.’ And Mr. President, you’re known for your nicknames โ€” your Lyin’ Ted, your Crooked Hillary โ€” and this guy is a name bonanza!” He had some suggestions.