Eric Trump Discusses Trump’s Foreign Policy @WH

Eric Trumps Who Runs The Family Business Discusses Trumps Foreign Policy WHAfter stating in February that his father’s business and presidency are as a “kind of a clear separation of church and state that we maintain, and I am deadly serious about that exercise.” “I do not talk about the government with him, and he does not talk about the business with us,” “That’s kind of a steadfast pact we made, and it’s something that we honor.” This morning at the White House Easter Egg Roll talking to Fox & Friends Eric endorse his father’s foreign policy.

“The safety of this country comes first, and quite frankly the safety of our allies come first,” Eric said. “So, you pray for peace, but he will show real leadership, and that’s something that hasn’t occurred in the past and it will start occurring. And you saw that quite frankly in Syria, and you saw that in Afghanistan, and he will take action if he needs to take action.”