Morning Joe Rips Trump For Blaming Syrian Gas Attack On Obama

Wednesday morning Joe Scarborough blasted President Trump decision to blame Tuesday’s horrific chemical weapon attack in Syria on former President Barack Obama.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer blamed the attack on former President Barack Obama, saying the strike was “a consequence of the past administration’s weakness and irresolution.” Scarborough went after him saying: “[Trump’s] carping at the past president’s failures is unbecoming,” said Scarborough. “You’re criticizing Barack Obama for what he did not do in 2012? What are you doing to do five years later? Now you’re the president of the United States.”

Scarborough added: “One thing that Donald Trump can’t do, if we’re going to get anything done, is to blame Barack Obama. That does us no good today than Barack Obama and his administration blaming George W. Bush. You’ve got to look forward and you’ve got to give us solutions.”

“By the way,” Scarborough concluded, “if you’re a policymaker, ‘it’s hard’ is no longer an accepted answer on Morning Joe. Come with solutions or don’t come at all.”