MSNBC: Nicolle Wallace Gets a Show, Hugh Hewitt Maybe Next

hugh hewittMSNBC is going completely into the shitter.

Nicolle Wallace, former McCain-Palin ’08 senior advisor and current NBC News political analyst will be hosting a new 4 pm weekday show on the network. And now it appears conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt may be next up for a hosting position.

Hewitt, an MSNBC political analyst, has not only appeared on the network for a while now, but he has made appearances on Meet the Press panels in the last few months.

If MSNBC is looking to destroy their current audience they are well on their way. With Greta already tanking in the ratings, Wallace and Hewitt won’t be far behind.

Some staff are worried that NBC News chairman Andy Lack is leading the cable network in a more conservative direction. At an NBC News town hall after the election, Lack said that the organization should be focused on appealing to America’s heartland, according to people at the meeting. The remark was widely seen as a directive to, as one source put it, “focus on Trump voters”… Van Susteren’s hire was not well-received internally at MSNBC, with Chris Matthews being especially frustrated by the decision, according to two network sources.

Andy Lack fails to understand that Trump voters WILL NEVER WATCH MSNBC, but it seems Lack is just plain bad at his job.